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The Aeneid (Penguin Classics)
Virgil, David West, David Alexander West
A Little History of the World
Ernst Hans Josef Gombrich, Caroline Mustill, Clifford Harper
The Annals of Imperial Rome
Tacitus, Michael Grant
Solo: A James Bond Novel - William Boyd With the emphasis on food, drink and the like, this book started really well. Just like an original Bond in fact. But soon it became boring mainly because, I think, that Bond was too nice. A modern man (with all the sensibilities and political correctness that that entails) set in a sixties world. The whole thing jarred very badly. Shame
Shadow of the Rock - Thomas Mogford I am not sure why I didn't enjoy this. Maybe because the 'baddies' were so obvious and 'evil' and the goodies all had good intentions. Interesting settings - Gibraltar andTangiers - but not sure I will give no 2 a go.
An Officer and a Spy - Robert Harris This was excellent. Characters (all real people) came alive on the pages and, despite knowing the story pretty well, Harris managed to create an astonishing amount of tension, even the last few years when nothing much happens. Very good.

Old Flames

Old Flames - John Lawton I loved the atmosphere of post war London, and it was a decent enough story but it was a struggle to wade through, too many sub plots. Last one for me.
Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn I hated both the characters so much I couldn't really care what happened to them. But clever story, great suspense.
Undercover Mumbai - Ayeesha Menon This looks fun... thank you Bettie
For Services Rendered and Other Plays - W. Somerset Maugham uncomfortable reading indeed.
They Were Found Wanting (The Transylvanian Trilogy, Book 2) - Miklós Bánffy, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Patrick Thursfield, Katalin Bánffy-Jelen More politics which also means more bathos and hideous hindsight. A truly brilliant look at a vanished era before WWI.
Horace and Me: Life Lessons from an Ancient Poet - Harry Eyres I adored this, a ramble through life with Horace what could be nicer.
The Newlyweds - Nell Freudenberger I grew to love this more and more. All the characters were believable and engaging and Amina's self-realisation at the end almost made me weep.
A Delicate Truth - John le Carré This got a bit better as he started getting into the story. But as far as conspiracy theories goes, this just didn't ring true. Very disappointing. Three stars out of loyalty...
Blood Harvest - S.J. Bolton Not as enjoyable as her other books. Not sure the plot stood up to scrutiny.
Flesh Wounds - Chris Brookmyre Not so keen on bedlam - this hit the spot nicely...
The Heist - Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg Oh dear....
501 Latin Verbs (Barron's 501 Latin Verbs) - Richard E. Prior, Joseph Wohlberg Indispensable for anyone wanting to learn, improve their Latin
Talking to the Dead - Harry Bingham Really liked the characters in this... roll on number 2